Road-rage damages won


A man has been awarded £500 damages for anxiety and distress resulting from a road-rage incident.

Mr Mark Treacy, a self-employed building contractor, of Abbey Drive, Riverstown Abbey, Navan Road, Dublin, was awarded the damages against an English truck driver whose vehicle collided with his car. Mr Treacy was also awarded £532 for damage to his car.

Dublin District Court made the award against the truck driver, Mr Christopher Thorborne, and his employer, C. Butt Contracts Ltd, of Spencer Bridge Road, Northampton, England.

Mr Treacy told Judge Timothy Crowley that on July 8th, 1996, he was driving along Capel Street in Dublin when Mr Thorborne's truck collided with his car. When he asked Mr Thorborne to wait while he contacted the police, Mr Thorborne had told him to "f--off" and shouted after him: "You can tell the guards they can f--- off as well."

Mr Treacy told the court he had not been physically injured but had suffered anxiety and distress as a result of the verbal attack.

Mr Treacy's solicitor, Mr Noel McDonald, said his client's GP had diagnosed him as suffering from anxiety and distress to such an extent that he required sedation.

Mr Treacy had claimed £2,500 damages. The claim was not contested.