Protests against lack of flood relief


Protesters in Clonakilty, Co Cork, have reacted with anger to news that no temporary flood prevention works will be carried out by the Office of Public Works.

A group of 80 protesters gathered outside town council offices to protest at the OPW’s lack of action following flash floods that devastated the town last June 28th.

Some 300 homes and businesses were hit when a torrent of water swept through the town and rose to record levels in less than five minutes. A smaller number of homes and businesses were affected by a second flash flood on August 28th.

A promised text alert system has not materialised.

Town clerk Justin England said the OPW completed a topological survey of Clonakilty last month as part of planned long-term works.

Separately, Clonakilty Town Council plans to install additional gullies, pipes and drains to prepare the town for future heavy rainfall.

“The solution to our problem is the work the OPW will do. The measure of water that fell on June 28th was incredible. If that level of water falls again, God, man or council will not stop it and we have to be realistic about that,” he said.

Fear is turning to anger, according to business owner Con McLoughlin, proprietor of Lettercollum Kitchen Project on Connolly Street.