Timeline of financial irregularities at Templemore Garda College

HR head becomes aware of financial concerns in June 2015

June 2015:

Head of Garda human resources John Barrett becomes aware of concerns surrounding financial irregularities at the Garda training college in Templemore.

This is based on two reports prepared by Barry McGee in 2008 and Assistant Commissioner Jack Nolan in 2010.

July 6th 2015:

Mr Barrett writes to Cyril Dunne, the then chief administrative officer, outlining his concern that substantial and material matters have remained unresolved and that standards have been compromised.


July 24th 2015:

Head of legal affairs in the Garda Ken Ruane wrote to the Garda Commissioner saying she must inform the Minister for Justice about the concerns.

He makes reference to Section 41 of the Garda Act, which legally obliged the commissioner to inform the Minister.

July 27th 2015:

A meeting takes place between the Commissioner and Mr Barrett. She says it was a brief exchange over a cup of tea.

He says it was a two-hour meeting where issues were discussed at length and he was warned to be careful when pursuing a line of questioning.

July 28th 2015:

The Commissioner establishes a steering group to examine all issues and bank accounts begin to close.

She says Department of Justice officials were appointed to this working group.

October 2015:

Department of Justice officials are asked to participate in steering group.

Officials write to the Garda insisting the internal audit unit are made aware of difficulties.

March 2016:

The Garda internal audit unit is appointed to examine all the issues involved but neither the 2008 nor the 2010 reports are given to the audit committee.

The Garda Commissioner informs the Tánaiste of irregularities.

June 2nd 2016:

Mr Barrett meets the chairman of the audit committee of the Garda, Michael Howard.

June 2016:

The Garda Commissioner meets Mr Howard on an unknown date this month.

March 2017:

Interim report by Niall Kelly, head of internal audit, is released his outlining the scale of the problem.

The Policing Authority is informed of the financial mismanagement.

May 2017:

Mr Barrett and Ms O'Sullivan appear before the Public Accounts Committee.