Taoiseach appears in YouTube video calling for Yes vote

Enda Kenny reveals ‘very extended’ family member called to say he was gay

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has appeared in a video appealing for a Yes vote in the same sex marriage referendum.

The video, launched by Fine Gael, urges Yes voters to have a chat with a friend, colleague or relative and let them know why they’re voting Yes.

Mr Kenny is shown having a chat with an elderly man, but does not say anything in the video.

The video was released on Thursday on Fine Gael’s YouTube channel and appears with the hashtag #HaveOneChat.


The former President of Young Fine Gael, Dale McDermott appears alongside his father calling for a Yes vote.

His father says “he wants his son to have an an equal future in this country” and that he “wants to see his son married to the person he loves”.

Mr Kenny revealed on Thursday, a member of his extended family is gay.

Mr Kenny said he was contacted recently by a distant relative in the United States who had heard about the upcoming same-sex marriage referendum.

“I don’t know the person because they contacted me from the United States. And they’re in the extended family, probably very extended,” he said.

“But they wrote to me on the basis of hearing that a referendum was taking place, congratulating the people on having the right to have the opportunity to answer the question.”

Mr Kenny was speaking to Pat Kenny on Newstalk radio on Thursday. His comments were prompted by a question from a listener who asked if Mr Kenny had any gay members of his extended family.