Excuse me Phil and James, where are your manners?


THE TAOISEACH’s twin towers. He’s blessed with his deputy leader and enforcer-in-chief. Despite the fact that they seem to have no manners. Say what you like about Enda, but he’s charming and courteous to a fault. As for that other two . . . James Reilly is tearing around the place like a bull in a china shop. Phil Hogan isn’t much better.

Here’s what an exasperated Jonathan Irwin of the Jack and Jill Foundation tweeted on Wednesday following a visit to the Minister for Health: “Pointless meeting with Min Reilly last evening. Late rude gruff 12 mins including deafening divisional bell then left to vote never to be seen again.”

And we see from the Wexford People that Hogan was on a charm offensive during a visit to the county, when he opened a community home in Oylegate.

Eileen Hore (80) travelled from Wexford town in the hope of having a word with him. She is worried about plans to build a courthouse near her home.

Big Phil declined to shake her hand as he rushed from his car with his entourage. “I’m here on business,” he said brusquely.

Charming, the pair of them.