Housing For All policy to deliver social homes ‘on scale never seen before’ – O’Brien

Document to be launched next week with ‘massive emphasis on affordable housing’

Minister for Housing Darragh O’Brien has said the Government’s major Housing For All policy will deliver social housing in Ireland “on a scale never seen before”.

Mr O’Brien and Government colleagues will launch the major policy document next week with a view to resolving the housing crisis by setting very ambitious targets for completions of social and affordable homes, as well as cost rental homes.

Speaking at an engagement in Co Clare on Friday, Mr O’Brien said the multi-annual housing plan will be fully funded and there would be a “massive emphasis on affordable housing”.

“We will make a big dent in the housing crisis. We have the expertise, we have the wherewithal, we have the knowledge and capability to make real inroads into the housing situation.


“I want to make sure that normal working individuals and families who feel they can’t afford a home will be able to do so.”

He said the signal the Government would send next week was that Housing For All would give certainty to the sector and to people.

“The Government is heavily invested to deliver social housing on a scale never seen before.

“I have given local authorities the ability to buy more land. I am asking them to deliver more public homes. I am asking them to deliver more affordable homes as well,” he said.

Home defects

Mr O’Brien also said he would use every legal avenue open to him to pursue those responsible for pyrite defects, and other defects, in people’s homes.

“I have charged the Attorney General to come back to me to say what we can do legally. I have said that publicly.

“My first priority is to give certainty [to affected homeowners] that their homes will be made good.

“We will look at every legal avenue available to go after those who are responsible for the scourge that is pyrite in the block and other defects,” he said.

Referring to homeowners in Co Clare affected by defective blocks on their homes, Mr O’Brien said there was no issue in terms of budget and that their issues would be resolved. However, he added that remediation did take some time to complete.

Harry McGee

Harry McGee

Harry McGee is a Political Correspondent with The Irish Times