PDs pledge to reduce motor insurance costs


The Progressive Democrats have pledged to reduce the cost of car insurance and end the discrimination against young responsible drivers.

At its insurance policy launch this morning the party proposed implementing the recommendations of the Motor Insurance Advisory Board report, published in March.

Ms Liz O'Donnell pointed to the cost of insurance in Ireland compared with the cost of insurance in the UK, where compensation payments are 12 times lower and legal costs four times lower.

"We need to reduce the number of cases and claims taken, we need to weed out vexations and fraudulent cases and we also need to bring down the cost of litigation," she said.

"Part of the problem of the high cost of litigation is the high cost of medical people giving evidence."

She also claimed that lawyers were part of the agenda for change.

"I think there has been a cosy arrangement between all of these sectors over the years which hasn't been tackled by any government. The next government has to tackle this because it is becoming a very serious consumer issue and of fairness to young, responsible drivers," she said.

A new traffic police to enforce traffic laws, was also proposed.