'Old Moore' goes wild and predicts three months of sun


OLD MOORE’S Almanacis known for its wild predictions but the 2010 edition has gone completely mad by predicting a magnificent summer from June until August.

It also predicts morning sickness in June for Michelle Obama; a lonely death in a cave for Osama Bin Laden in March; the discovery of the Irish Crown Jewels in August and a helicopter crash for a British prince in June.

It says the unnamed prince may not survive the crash. “If he does make it, it will be a “just scraped through” scenario.

It says July will be “the great Irish summer” but almanac readers should be cautioned against stocking up on sun creams just yet. Old Moore predicted that the summer just gone would be very pleasant in June and that we would be enjoying sunny days and balmy nights for August.

The almanac has good news for the Green Party’s Eamon Ryan, saying he will be promoted to party leader in January as the Government goes into free fall and an election is in the wind. It doesn’t get bogged down in the tedium of Dáil arithmetic when it adds that Mr Ryan has “a good chance” of becoming taoiseach.

Old Moore’seditor Nicole Buckler Kelly said some of the predictions may seem wild, but the almanac correctly predicted that Obama would be president and that Hilary Clinton would be in the public eye, but not for what she originally intended.

Old Moorealso predicted both winners of the All-Ireland final in 2009, something that should not be scoffed at,” she said. The new edition predicts victory for Cork in the football final and for Kilkenny in the hurling. It says Spain will win the World Cup, Tiger Woods will take the Masters and Serena Williams and Roger Federer will win Wimbledon. And in Cheltenham, Kauto Star will retain his Gold Cup crown.

Old Moore’s Almanachas been published for nearly 2½ centuries and does not reveal its methodology. Its founder, Theophilus Moore, ran a classical academy at Milltown in Dublin and published the first Old Moore’s Almanac in 1764.

It includes details such as moon phases, tide times, horse racing fixtures and mart and fair day information but this year’s edition has been revamped with full colour.