‘Millionaire’ contestant returns for second show


A Dublin man went under the spotlight of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? for the second time in a fortnight today and came away £93,000 the richer.

After threats of legal action and several days of debate on radio phone-in shows, the national broadcaster RTE relented and allowed Mr O'Doherty to return, with the choice of pocketing the £125,000 or continuing with the quiz.

In the event, Mr O'Doherty's second quiz show appearance was brief as he took the money and ran. The show's host Mr Gay Byrne, told Mr O'Doherty, 44: "I would say it has been some rollercoaster ride for you over the past two weeks."

Mr O'Doherty conceded that his brief period of fame had proved a "strange" experience. "I went into town the other day and it was like I had two heads. People were looking at me but they didn't know how they knew me."

Two weeks ago, he went home with £32,000 after phoning a friend and identifying the lunula as part of the heart.

The show's producers, Tyrone Productions, cited several reference books and the opinions of four medical experts as proof that the lunula was in the fingernail. Eventually Tyrone backed down.

In tonight’s prerecorded show, faced with naming the "Dublin-born Olympic medallist who went on to become a nationalist MP for south Kerry"' for £250,000, Mr O'Doherty hesitated.

He said his instinct was to go Pat O'Callaghan but, after several nail-biting moments, said he was "more than happy with IR125,000".

The correct answer, John Pius Boland, is not thought to be one Mr O'Doherty could challenge.