Man killed in head-on collision is named


The man who died in a head-on collision on the main Dublin to Galway road on Monday was returning home from Belgium to Galway for a delayed Christmas holiday. Garda yesterday named the man as Mr Paul Moran (24), from Cloonacauneen, outside Galway city.

Mr Moran, who worked as a chef in Antwerp, was on his way home when the crash occurred near Milltownpass, Co Westmeath, at 3.45 p.m. Three women, one pregnant, and three children who were in the second vehicle were taken to various hospitals in the midlands. A girl aged 11 years, who was transferred to Beaumont Hospital in Dublin, and one woman were both said to be in a critical condition.

Mr Moran, the younger of two brothers, had delayed his holidays because of work commitments. The removal of his remains to Castlegar Church, Galway, takes place this evening.