Limerick university unveils new plans


THE UNIVERSITY of Limerick has published ambitious plans which include the construction of a medical school in Co Clare and a teacher education building.

In a submission to Clare County Council, the university lists nine separate projects that it intends to construct between now and 2015 on the northern shore of the river Shannon.

The university expects student numbers to rise to 14,350 by 2010. In a letter to the council, the university's John Moroney said that since 2003, UL had constructed seven major projects at its Clare campus.

Mr Moroney added: "These projects represent foothold developments in a number of core academic areas and the university plans to continue with the further development of the campus in these core areas."

He said the next phase of development "will address academic progression in key areas of Clare culture with particular emphasis on music".

The university states that its plans include: a university medical school; a student accommodation block; sports facilities; research facilities; a president's residence; a teacher education building; a north-south pedestrian linkage; commercial services and a "town and gown" development including both residential and other facilities designed to establish a sense of place.