Libertas says it complies with funding standards


LIBERTAS LAST night said it will comply with any requests the Standards in Public Office Commission (Sipo) has about the funding of its campaign against the Lisbon Treaty.

Its communications director John McGuirk said, amid continuing speculation about the organisation's finances, that he believed its accounts will show it followed regulations on funding when they are released.

Libertas chairman Declan Ganley said the organisation has been engaging with Sipo since before the Lisbon Treaty referendum campaign commenced. Mr Ganley said it is "very unfortunate that some fanatics in Brussels decided [Sipo] should be the instrument to bludgeon" Libertas with.

"We have to view Sipo as an extension of that agenda," Mr Ganley told RTÉ's Prime Time. Mr McGuirk said it was unfortunate that Sipo's involvement in examining Libertas's accounts had become "politicised".

"It means we have had to engage to make sure everything is in place and be extra careful with everything we send to them."

He was critical of a letter "leaked" to RTÉ which states that Sipo has warned Libertas it must supply details about the funding of its referendum campaign within seven days or face further action.