Lenihan lends support to Dublin invesment plan


The Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan has lent his support to an initiative to encourage investment in Dublin.

Mr Lenihan met with Dublin City Council, the Lord Mayor of Dublin and business leaders today at the Mansion House. 

Ways to promote the importance of Dublin as a city region, strengthen its existing links, and forge new partnerships between the public and private sectors were discussed.

Commenting on the meeting Mr Lenihan said: “I am delighted with the leadership being shown by the Lord Mayor of Dublin City Council in organising a summit between the Council and the business community.” 

“This is an excellent example of local government putting forward measures to increase sustainable economic development in its area.”

Lord Mayor Eibhlin Byrne said she wants national and local governments to work together with the city’s business interests and, through their co-ordinated efforts, produce a marketing plan for the city to encourage investment in the capital. 

She stressed the importance of Dublin as a city region and called on the Government to focus on encouraging further growth in the capital saying ‘if the capital prospers, the rest of the country will follow.’

“Despite a downturn in the economy, business in the city is still vibrant and we have to continue to build on that vitality. The capital city is the driver of prosperity for any country,” she said.

”If we don't drive Dublin forward, the rest of the country will languish in its wake. If Dublin continues to prosper, the rest of the country will follow."