Language group backs EU car tag change


MEMBERS OF an Irish language lobby group in the northwest have marked the new year by affixing EIR stickers over the existing official IRL blue EU-symbol on registration plates of several vehicles in the region.

The group is campaigning to have the IRL tag on car registration plates discontinued in favour of EIR.

The campaign was launched two months ago by Radió na Gaeltachta presenter Máirtín Tom Sheáinín, who said yesterday: "Our aim is to have all Irish car registration plates changed, in order to display the name of the country in Irish, instead of the English version which is now in general use. We have begun the new year by having the new EIR stickers placed by our supporters on several vehicles, with the consent of the owners, and we hope to see EIR introduced officially, before the end of 2009." He accepted there were some legislative avenues to be explored before such a change could be officially made. Mr Sheáinín said some members of the group had been using the EIR sticker since the campaign was launched. A number of Irish language lobby groups in the midlands and northeast said yesterday they were also supporting the campaign.