ISPCA says it can no longer take in neglected horses

Group reports 33% surge in calls about horses

The ISPCA has said it can no longer care for abandoned horses because its centres are at capacity. The group has received seen a 33 per cent increase in calls from last year related to stray and neglected horses .

"All our stables are full and without further support sadly there is nothing we can do for horses in distress who need shelter," said Noel Griffin, chief executive of the ISPCA.

The cost to the group of taking in a horse is substantial since animals generally stay for two to three years.

The group is urging the Department of Agriculture and local authorities to tackle the problem by enforcing laws on identification. Less than 5 per cent of the horses the ISPCA encountered are microchipped. “Large groups of horses in urban areas are of particular concern as their ownership is unclear, nobody can be forced to take responsibility for them,” Mr Griffin said.


The group is calling on members of the public who can take in horses to contact them. The problem has been building up over the last 10 years and this year has been particularly difficult with the prolonged cold weather

The ISPCA National Animal Centre can be contacted on: 0433 325035