You won €66m in EuroMillions? Here’s what it could get you

Why not visit space with 289 friends? There are worse ways to spend money


This big EuroMillions win - what could a person do with all that loot?

This week Pep Guardiola signed a three-year deal to manage Manchester City on a contract worth €20 million a year.

You could hijack the deal and pay him to spend three years teaching you how to do keepy-uppies in your garden. Maybe more realistically, he could coach your local Under-7s.

Alternatively, you could buy Leeds United and have enough to hire Steve Staunton as manager.

You could blow €65 million on a recently refurbished six-storey, six-bedroom swanky townhouse in London’s Mayfair - but a better bet might be a €34 million, seven-bedroom pad in New York’s trendy Tribeca.

The latter comes with bullet-proof windows, a Kevlar-lined safe room (you’ll need to be paranoid now that you’re loaded), Zen lights (obviously), a 550 gallon fish tank, an eight-person hot tub and a ginormous barbecue area.

Or just stay at home: when it went on the market a couple of years back, the 600-acre Lyons Demesne estate in Kildare, which had been home to Ryanair founder Tony Ryan, had a price tag of about €30 million.

Over the asking

The last sale fell through in 2014 - but who’s to say an offer of over the asking price might not go down well with the Ryan family.

You could follow in the footsteps (or vapour trails) of Denis O’Brien and splash out on a jet.

O’Brien took delivery of his new Gulfstream - the “jet that all billionaires want” - late last year. It’s the fastest, most luxurious business jet on the market and travels at over 660 miles an hour.

That’s fast, but nowhere near as fast as a trip into space.

Tickets for Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic sell for $250,000 (€228,000), so you could take yourself and 289 close friends on a two-and-a-half hour journey 68 miles above the Earth to see what it’s like to vomit in zero gravity.

If you’re into cars, you might like the ridiculously named Ferrari LaFerrari. It costs €1.3 million, but less than 500 were made last year so you will have to join the queue.

Alternatively, you could look towards collectables. Last year a 25-car collection made up mostly of vintage Ferraris sold in Florida for €61 million.

Pablo Picasso

What about a nice piece of art? Last year, La Gommeuse and Buste de femme, both works by Pablo Picasso you have never heard of, fell within the budget. Or you could have gone for Vincent van Gogh’s L’Allée des Alyscamps. They all sold for just over €62 million each.

You might think your rich but Russian oligarchs will leave you in the ha’penny place. You wouldn’t even be able to afford a yacht of modest proportions. Roman Abramovich spent nearly €2 billion on his big boat after all.

You could, however, rent a yacht to see how the other 0.00000000000000001 per cent live. Bill Gates has been known to rent the Serene Yacht which costs about €1.5 million - a week.

On an entirely different tack, the cost of immunising children against life-threatening illnesses in poor countries has climbed dramatically in recent years and according to MSF, a vaccination package which cost $0.67 in 2001 cost over $30 in 2014.

It, and other charities, are campaigning for prices to fall - but even at their current rates, a EuroMillions winner could still afford to vaccinate more than 2 million children in impoverished countries and still have €6 million left over to play with.