Who won the lotto in Leitrim? Man with new tractor ‘suspicious’

Residents speculate over who won the €11m ticket which was sold in Kinlough, Co Leitrim

They will be looking out for new tractor owners in Leitrim this week following the news that the €11.1million winning lotto ticket was purchased in the local Spar in Kinlough.

Nobody has yet come forward to claim Saturday night’s Lotto jackpot of €11,179,621, the National lottery office said on Monday evening.

If shared it equally with each of Leitrim’s population, everybody would get €351.58.

The winner, who has so far remained anonymous, bought the winning ticket the Spar shop in Main Street, Kinlough, Co Leitrim.


The winning numbers of 10, 11, 12, 15, 18, 19 (bonus number 35) produced almost 107,000 prize winners, including the jackpot prize ticket holder, who now joins the list of the biggest winners.

According to the National Lottery, 20 jackpots worth more than €10 million have been won.

The owner of the Spar, Noel McGowan told RTE's Morning Ireland that there had been lots of rumours in the village once the news broke.

“There’s lots of rumours and speculation. We’ve no idea yet. There were lots of passersby on Saturday.”

He added that there was “an odd peculiar movement” with one man seen driving a new tractor which he said was suspicious.

“We’ll say nothing about it yet,” he joked.

This is not the first time that Mr McGowan has sold a winning ticket.

“Last October we sold a Lotto Plus Two jackpot of €250,000 and 10 years ago there was a lotto jackpot of €3m we had six winners, we sold two of those winners. They each got €225,000.

“The big question is who won. I don’t know, there’s lots of rumours and speculation. We’ve no idea yet, there were lot of passersby on Saturday. Not sure yet what day the ticket was bought.

“Lots of rumours in the village, until we see the ticket, we won’t know. There’s an odd peculiar movement all right, we’ll say nothing about it yet. One guy went up with a new tractor, that’s suspicious.

“There’s lots of activity, people in buying their tickets, checking their tickets, huge excitement.”

Mr McGowan will receive €15,000 for selling the winning ticket, which isn’t enough to buy a new tractor, he pointed out.

When asked what advice he would give the winner he said: “You’d need to be in the position before you’d be fit to say. I’d be inclined to keep it under my hat for a few days.”