Tullamore hospital suffers ransomware attack

Dublin Midlands Hospital Group working with HSE after ‘isolated’ incident

A hospital in Tullamore is working to restore its systems after a ransomware attack.

In a statement, the Health Service Executive said the Dublin Midlands Hospital Group had experienced what it described as an "isolated Windows ransomware attack" at Midlands Regional Hospital on Wednesday.

It said the attack had affected the Laboratory Information System and associated IT infrastructure.

“The hospital has been assured that this is an isolated incident and there is no evidence of contagion in the wider health service beyond the initial attack,” the HSE said.


“The hospital has been working in conjunction with the HSE Office of the Chief Information Officer to restore the system and re-instate a functional Laboratory Information System within a re-configured secure HSE environment,” it added.

"There has been no impact on patient care and business continuity plans are in operation until the full system is restored. The HSE have informed the Data Protection Commission on a precautionary basis."

Ransomware attacks typically occur when malicious links or files are sent by email or on USB sticks. When they are loaded on a computer, the system is locked down by the attackers, who seek a ransom in return for unlocking it or restoring files to the affected individual or organisation.