Speed camera operators to go on strike on November 7th

Siptu says people are are realising that humans work in speed vans

A further strike by staff at the company that operates the State’s roadside speed camera system is set for next Thursday.

The trade union Siptu has said a work stoppage is planned for November 7th and that staff will protest outside Leinster House.

The dispute is in relation to working conditions and union recognition at GoSafe. A 72-hour stoppage by staff employed at the company took place over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Siptu organiser Brendan Carr told The Irish Times the union has served GoSafe with notice of the stoppage.


“The Siptu members are fairly upbeat, they’re getting a lot of support from people,” he said.

“I think this is the first time the public are actually seeing that there’s human people in those vans...they’re people with families.”

Management at Go Safe said last Thursday that it had reached a proposed agreement with its internal staff representative body on pay and rosters.

However, Siptu said the proposed agreement between Go Safe and the internal representative association at the company had nothing to do with the union.

Siptu has previously urged management at GoSafe to adhere to a Labour Court recommendation stating that the company should recognise the union as the representative of its employees who are members and negotiate with it to resolve their legitimate concerns about conditions.

Sarah Burns

Sarah Burns

Sarah Burns is a reporter for The Irish Times