Santa Claus is already busy delivering Christmas presents

Google’s tracker lets you keep an eye on Santa’s movements as he travels the world

Santa Claus has begun his journey to deliver Christmas gifts to children all over the world, leaving his home at the North Pole under a spectacular show of the Northern Lights. Video: REUTERS


It may not be bed time yet for children in Ireland, but Santa Claus has already begun his around-the-world journey delivering presents in time for Christmas.

According to Google’s Santa Tracker, the Big Guy has already loaded his sleigh and taken off from the North Pole, visiting homes in the most easterly regions of the world.

At the time of writing, he has delivered some 4,000,000 gifts and is due in Ireland in about 15 hours, or between 1am and 2am Irish time, according to the live feed.

Google’s tracker began in 2007 and uses information from Santa’s sleigh to deliver a real-time map of where he is in the world, how many presents he has delivered and information about the countries and regions he is visiting.

While some ferries have been cancelled due to the effects of Storm Barbara, the wind won’t affect Santa’s journey to Ireland, according to Minister for Transport Shane Ross.

On Friday, the Minister confirmed that the Irish Aviation Authority had granted Saint Nick clearance to enter Irish air space.

“I have been informed that a large, jolly man on a low flying sleigh, assisted by reindeer and perhaps some elves, will be entering Irish air space tomorrow evening,” said Mr Ross.

“I would therefore encourage all children to be safety tucked up in their beds as early as possible to ensure Santa and his reindeer can go about their work successfully.”

Mince pies, carrots and milk are also sufficiently stocked, according to the Minister.

Meanwhile, Canada’s transportation department said Santa successfully renewed his commercial pilot’s license, passing a written exam as well as a health check, despite high sugar levels.

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