Nine deer killed by train travelling from Cork to Dublin

Train strikes herd in area where maximum speed limit is 145km/h

A generic image of a deer. Photograph: Wild Deer Association of Ireland

A generic image of a deer. Photograph: Wild Deer Association of Ireland


Irish Rail has launched an investigation after nine deer were hit and killed by the Cork to Dublin express train on Monday evening.

The incident occurred at Goold’s Cross about midway between Limerick Junction and Thurles at 5.45pm. The train was the 4.25pm from Cork’s Kent Station to Dublin Heuston.

Irish Rail said the train suffered minor damage which the driver was able to repair with “remote assistance” from a maintenance crew in Dublin.

The section of line where the train struck the herd was in an area where the maximum speed limit is 145km/hr. The train resumed its journey after a 40 minute delay.

The rail company said it is currently investigating to see if the deer were wild or farmed. The company is also checking its boundary fences for damage and the fences of nearby landowners.

Spokesman Barry Kenny said there is a protocol in place for the company to seek to recover damages from such incidents.

Mr Kenny also said Irish Rail had observed an increase in the number of animals on train lines since last summer. Six cattle were killed at Thomastown on the on the Dublin-Waterford line last September.

Mr Kenny said the company always reviewed any incidents afterwards “to see how the animals accessed the line to ensure we can protect it”.

He praised the driver’s action in quickly getting the train moving again after the deer were removed.