Markievicz building residents to protest MetroLink plans

Apartments above leisure centre proposed to be demolished for underground station

Residents of apartments above the Markievicz leisure centre on Townsend Street in Dublin’s city centre are planning to protest proposals to demolish the building to build an underground MetroLink station.

Last week the southside section of the MetroLink rail line in Dublin was abandoned due to Government unwillingness to endure lengthy disruption to the Luas Green line.

The plans published last year, which would connect Dublin Airport to the city centre by rail, will still run from Swords to the city, but is likely to stop at Charlemont.

John Dean, chairperson of the Save Markievicz Pool & Gym campaign told Newstalk Breakfast that there are other solutions to demolishing Markievicz Leisure Centre and it is not necessary to get rid of a building home to 150 people.



“They could drill down through shafts on either side to make the station underground. We don’t think it’s necessary to knock down the building.”

He said that the residents and members of the campaign were not opposed to the Metro and they realise that public transport is necessary.

“We just want it to be done in a non-destructive way.

“They don’t have to knock down an entire building to build an underground station. They don’t have to clear the site.”

Mr Dean suggested that the nearby Apollo House site, which was recently cleared, would have been a perfect alternative location.

He said he was confident the protest would be successful as previous protests such as that against the use of the Na Fianna GAA ground in Glasnevin and south of Charlemont had succeeded.

“It can be changed and the Metro can go ahead.”

The MetroLink line is due to open in 2027.