Cabinet will discuss ‘revised proposals’ on water charges

Minister says he has listened to views of colleagues on the issue


Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan has confirmed that the Cabinet will consider “revised proposals’’ on water charges at its meeting on Wednesday.

He said he had put forward proposals some weeks ago and had listened carefully to what his ministerial colleagues had said since.

“We will clarify issues relating to how we can accelerate the metering programme, if possible; how we can give a rebate on excess charges in due course; and the submission we will make to the regulator on the standing charge and issues around the free allowance and affordability measures,’’ Mr Hogan added.

Mr Hogan, who was speaking to journalists at a seminar on the future of local government in Dublin today, said everybody knew that a decision would have to be made on water charges.

“It was well highlighted for the past three years by the troika,’’ he added. “In fact, the troika is in town this week and will be seeking to know what progress has been made across a range of issues, including water reform.’’

Mr Hogan denied that there had been tension between Fine Gael and Labour on the issue, but said there had been “differences of view on what constitutes a fair and balanced package’’.