Inis Orr wants rematch to settle dispute


FOOTBALL IS going to be the solution to an unholy row which threatens the peaceful life on the Aran Islands. Father Tedenthusiasts  thought that, like the GAA row in Cork, a solution had been found last year but trouble is again brewing after the staging of Tedfest ’09. The event was another superb success last weekend on Inis Mór but islanders on Inis Oírr feel left out.

Last year they challenged the larger island to a football match to decide where Tedfest would be held and Inis Mór’s victory sorted that out. But now Inis Oírr, the smallest of the islands, want a rematch as they believe Tedfest should be on their island.

Tedfest organiser Peter Phillips said Inis Oírr may now want a “best of three” contest and more football matches may be arranged to sort out the venue crux. “The Inis Oírr people approached us last weekend and we had a bit of a meeting. They invited us over for a couple of days and it’s a lovely little island.

“We even saw the wreck of the Plessy which features in the opening credits of the Father Tedseries and Inis Oírr has a lot going for it. But we thought it had all been decided on the strength of the football match last year and the weekend has gone great here.

“I’m not sure if they want to go for best of three with another couple of football matches in the offing, but we’ll have to sit down and consider the Inis Oírr offer,” said Phillips. But whatever about the row over venues, the Father Ted, Mrs Doyle and Fr Jack wannabees enjoyed another great weekend.

Sarah Gallagher (21), from Milford, Co Donegal, celebrated after capturing the coveted Lovely Girl competition.

And the Pink Flamingos, captained by Dermot Morgan’s son Rob, defeated the barmaids from the Aran Islands Hotel to claim the Craggy Cup.