Five TDs call for vote to be postponed


Reaction:Five Independent TDs last night called for tomorrow’s referendum to be postponed in the light of the Supreme Court decision which found against the Government’s information campaign.

Shane Ross, Finian McGrath, Thomas Pringle, Mattie McGrath and Tom Fleming yesterday appeared together to ask for tomorrow’s poll to be postponed.

They also criticised Ceann Comhairle Seán Barrett for not allowing the judgment to be raised in the Dáil on the basis that it was not a matter of urgency.

Mr Ross, representing Dublin South, said it was too late, with less than 48 hours to go to polling, to remedy the lack of balance contained on the website and in the information booklet distributed to every home last month.

He said the Government could postpone the poll by introducing emergency legislation in the Dáil last night and passing it today ahead of tomorrow’s voting. “Put it off for three months and have a fair referendum in fair circumstances,” he said.

Mattie McGrath from Tipperary South is the only TD in the Dáil who has said he will vote No. He also called for the vote to be delayed.

“Whatever happens the outcome will be tainted for evermore, contaminated by this appalling vista,” he said.

Dublin North Central TD Finian McGrath said he was absolutely appalled by the outcome and said the Government had “bungled the issue”.

Mr Pringle from Donegal South West said the referendum should not be tarnished by any possible doubts.

Mr Fleming, who represents Kerry South, said an “alarming sum” of money had been spent by the Government on its information campaign.