I want to apply for a grant but am not sure I’ll get my course. Can I still apply?

Ask Brian: You do not need your Leaving Cert results or to have accepted a course to submit an application

I’m a Leaving Cert student and hope to go to DCU in the autumn. I want to apply for a Susi grant to help cushion the cost – but I don’t have my results and can’t be sure I’ll get my course – what should I do?

Susi is the awarding authority for student grants in Ireland. It received almost 96,000 applications in the last academic year. Funding was awarded to 80 per cent of applicants, representing over 76,000 students.

As a new applicant, you should aim to submit your application on or before July 9th. New applications received on or before this date will receive priority assessment.

You do not need your Leaving Cert results or to have accepted a course to submit an application to Susi. However, you will need to indicate your preferred course so that Susi can assess your application.


If, when completing your CAO form, you agreed to share your information with Susi, the CAO will confirm your course details with them.

Alternatively, you can update your course details online at a later date. Students who wish to renew their funding should aim to submit their application on or before June 11th to secure priority assessment. It is also worth noting that the online application system remains open well into the autumn.

After this point, Susi will accept late applications from students who satisfy certain criteria.

To be eligible for student funding, you must meet a number of eligibility criteria including nationality, place of residence, previous further/higher education, approved course and income. Check the eligibility reckoner on Susi’s website to get an indication of your eligibility before beginning your application.

To receive funding from Susi, you must be an Irish, EU, EEA, UK or Swiss national or have specific immigration or leave to remain status; have been resident in those countries for three of the last five years and be attending an approved course in an approved institution.

The total income of all parties to your application must also fall within specified income limits. Depending on your applicant class, a party to your application can include parents or a legal guardian.

For the 2020-21 academic year, applications will be assessed on the gross income from all sources for the period 1st January 2019 to 31st December 2019.

However, If you or any party to your application experiences a negative change in income, you can apply to be assessed under change of circumstances whereby the income reference period for the application will be 2020.

To make an application, you must first register for a Susi account online at www.susi.ie.