Higher Options 2020: FAQs for Exhibitors

Higher Options 2020 is a virtual event that will enable students to gather all the information they need about their next steps after secondary school

Does the employer need to create a virtual stand?

Our online Platform has created an automated process to create and populate each Exhibitor’s stand. Once participation is confirmed, our team will send you a link to begin the process. Employers will be provided a range of booth templates to choose from. Once completed, institution information, logos, course links, etc. will be uploaded

What’s included with the virtual stand?

Each stand includes the following items:


Institution profile

Contact information

Links to Website, Social Media Pages, Career Sites, etc.

Video Vignettes (if desired)

Upload docs and presentations

Does someone need to “man” the stand each day during the Virtual?

Yes - exhibitors will need to be available answer student’s questions when the event is live.

Can the exhibitor chat with students during the virtual event?

Yes. Exhibitors can chat with students during the virtual event. Employer can do group chat as well as private chat with students.

Will there be tech support available for trouble shooting and instructions?

Yes when the event goes live tech support will be available.

How is the event being promoted?

The event is being promoted across our different media outlets, on our site, with social campaign, direct mail to guidance counsellors, exhibitors, editorial in Irish Times and press releases.