CAO to make second-round offers for college places

Students count down the hours to second round of CAO third-level and college offers

Click here to download a PDF of the CAO's 2017 round one offers:

Students who did not get the course of their choice when the Central Applications Office (CAO) issued the first round of college places earlier this month are just hours away from finding out if they will be successful the second time around.

Just over a week ago, the CAO issued 76,651 round one offers to 52,374 CAO applicants. These offers consisted of 43,113 Level 8 course offers and 33,538 Level 7/6 course offers.

The CAO said about half of those who received offers accepted them within hours of finding out whether they met the points requirement.


Points fell for just over half (52 per cent) of all honours degree college courses and rose for others (38 per cent). The remainder stayed at the same level as last year.

Round Two offers will be available to view on the CAO website from 6am on Thursday. Offers will then be issued on a weekly basis up to mid-October for all remaining places.

The number of places offered in round two are far lower than those issued in round one - last year, the CAO made just 2,573 offers to applicants in the second round. The number of offers made for Level 8 places (1,470) constituting just 4 per cent of the overall Level 8 offers made.

CAO applicants can check to see if they have received an offer by going online at and logging on to their account using the ‘My Application’ facility from 6am.

Successful applicants will also receive an offer notification via email and SMS text message if they have selected this option on their application form.

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