CAO helpdesk: can I switch courses after starting?

What happens if you take up an offer in the hope of changing to another course


I missed out on my first choice which is TR006 by not meeting the points requirement. Should I consider repeating or apply to DBS psychology and transfer into the above course year two if it’s plausible?

The problem with the second option is you may not be able to transfer into TCD in an easy manner. Transfers can be very problematic and depend on a lot of factors. I would imagine it would be quite difficult to transfer into year two. The course in DBS is recognised by PBS and PSi – the professional bodies – and hence is a well recognised course and would be eligible to allow you to progress to postgraduate studies in psychology. But if you really have your heart set on TCD I think the best way to achieve this is to have a go again at trying to get the points for direct entry through the CAO.

I missed business and French in DCU by 10 points but got the same course in DIT. If I do first year there and do well could I transfer to DCU for second year if anyone drops out?

I don’t think so. I suggest you contact admissions in DCU.

My daughter has received an offer for DIT DT324 but wanted the Level 8 degree DT366. She got 430 points. She thinks if she does Level 7 then, with good grades, she can transfer to Level 8 after only one year at Level 7.

My understanding is that this is a Level 6 two-year course and that the transfers to the Level 8 honours degrees take place after the two-year course is complete. Course transfers are a minefield and very often are treated on an individual basis so my advice is to contact DIT admissions or the Business School in DIT and seek their views.

If I accept my offer of law in Galway, what are the possibilities of being able to transfer to law in UCD or Trinity after my first year, which I missed due to points? If so, what kind of requirements are necessary?

You would have to contact the HEI involved as each college has its own transfer policies.

I didn’t receive my first choice (science at UL) but my third choice at IT Sligo. Is it possible to transfer to science in UL from the science in IT Sligo after year one? Or are there any PLC courses I could do to gain entry into science choice (LM117)?

You will have to contact UL. HEIs have their own policies when it comes to transfers: is a good website when searching what PLCs get you into certain Level 8 courses. Not all Level 8 courses have a Fetac route. Check to see if this course keeps spaces for Fetac applicants.