Dublin radio station to create 32 jobs


A new Dublin radio station is due create 32 jobs when it begins broadcasting next month, it was confirmed today.

The contract for Radio Nova has been signed with the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI).

Despite the slump in advertising sales during the recession, chief executive David Tighe believes there is room in the Dublin market for something different.

He hopes to capture 5 per cent market share by 2012.

Radio Nova will broadcast on 100.3FM and play music from the last five decades.

“People have said that we are mad launching a new radio station when there is already such competition in the Dublin market,” said Mr Tighe. “And, with advertising spends tighter than ever before, we don’t underestimate the challenge. But equally, we don’t underestimate the opportunity.”

The 18 full-time and 14 part-time posts to be filled include jobs for presenters, engineers, production teams, researchers, sales and marketing and administrative staff.

Mr Tighe said the management team was excited, determined and confident the listening public will be offered something new.

“We’ve announced new jobs and we have a huge responsibility to make Radio Nova work and we will,” Mr Tighe added. “Strong personalities and credible music played by real bands are what will make Nova work and help us to grow.”

The station’s backers include experienced radio investors Dermot Hanrahan and Maurice Cassidy; and Ulick McEvaddy, Des Whelan and Kevin Brannigan, who between them also own 45 per cent of 4FM.

The station will have its own offices in the Dublin Docklands but it is sharing some financial and advertising scheduling functions with 4FM. The advertising sales functions will be kept separate.