Vacancies for EU lawyer-linguists


Do you have a law degree? Are you a solicitor or barrister? Do you speak Irish? If so, then a call for applications for lawyer-linguists with the European institutions may be of interest.

As part of a recruitment drive for Irish-speaking law professionals in the EU, the European Personnel Selection Office is accepting applications for 10 Irish language lawyer-linguist positions in the European Parliament and Council.

“Based primarily in Brussels, these roles will offer successful candidates an opportunity to play a key role in the EU’s legislative processes,” says to a press release.

The starting salary is €5,500 a month, with a range of other benefits.

Candidates are required to have a bachelor’s degree in law or a qualification as a barrister or solicitor, a perfect command of Irish and a thorough command of at least two other official EU languages.

The EU is also recruiting people with a perfect command of English or Danish or Dutch or German who also have a “thorough command” of at least two other official EU languages.

The deadline for applications is December 10th.

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