Man told 999 operator he was pop star Nicki Minaj

Steven Brown told emergency services there was a poltergeist in his house

A 23-year old man who is banned from using the 999 emergency telephone system breached an ASBO by calling police on Christmas Day and telling them he was the pop star Nicki Minaj, the High Court has heard.

Steven Brown from Cairn Walk in Crumlin, Co Antrim, was arrested after breaching the Anti-Social Behaviour Order over the Christmas period.

Crown counsel Kate McKay said that at about 10.15am on Christmas Day, a 999 emergency call was made to police by a male caller who stated two men were making threats to kill him. Police were unable to obtain further information as the caller appeared to be intoxicated.

Mrs McKay said that five minutes later the same man called 999 and told operators he wanted to cancel the first call. He also claimed during the second call that there was a poltergeist in his house and that he was the pop star Nicki Minaj.


The court heard these calls breached a previous ASBO banning Brown from using the 999 emergency telephone system.

When arrested, Brown didn’t deny making the calls and said he felt there was an emergency. Mrs McKay told the court that Brown was released from prison recently “after serving a sentence for offences of a similar nature.” She also said Brown was an alcoholic.

A defence barrister said that if bail was granted, Brown “will adhere to any conditions the court will impose.” He also said that Brown’s offending was linked to his alcoholism.

The barrister said that on the day in question, Brown had just been released from hospital and was taking medication and, against the advice of doctors he had consumed alcohol. Due to this mixture of drink and medication drugs, Brown really did think there were people outside his house.

After listening to the bail application, Lord Justice Coghlin said "this man is, essentially, a nuisance, which no doubt is a product of his alcoholism", adding "police have better things to do that cope with these telephone calls."

Lord Justice Coghlin released Brown on his own recognisance of £250 and banned him from possessing and consuming alcohol.

The Co Antrim man was also banned from using the 999 service unless it was a real emergency, was ordered to obey a 10pm to 7am curfew and was told to report to police three times a week.