‘Davie was my middle son and the kindest person you could meet’

Below are the victim impact statements read to the Victorian Supreme Court today by David Greene’s mother Catherine and his father John

Luke Wentholt (31) was jailed for 18 and a half years for killing Irish backpacker David Greene.

Luke Wentholt (31) was jailed for 18 and a half years for killing Irish backpacker David Greene.


Catherine Greene:

“Davie was my middle son and the kindest person you could meet.

Never in my wildest nightmare did I ever think someone could do this to my beautiful Davie.

We were all looking forward to Davie coming home but now my life is in turmoil of never seeing his beautiful brown eyes and amazing smile looking at me ever again.

He was like my best friend always called me ‘Catherine’, never mam.

He had no value on material things, always doing things for everyone that passed him young and old.

If Davie had something and you said you liked it he would say ‘ah you can have it I don’t use it.’ Just to make you happy.

He had made a lot of people happy in his short life.

My life will never be the same again.

I can’t drive or even walk outside my front door on my own with(out) anxiety and fear. I work in childcare but I’m not ‘Catherine’ anymore and can’t imagine being happy again.

Davie promised he would surprise me when he was coming home.

He would hide behind my car outside my work place and then jump out at me.

God, l wish that it could still happen but I feel sick to my stomach when I know it won’t.

The fear of even going to sleep scares me, can’t get Davie out of my head.

Your children are your life that’s what keeps you going.

He never had a bad word to say about anyone.

He took people at face value, not seeing what they were really like.

He couldn’t wait to see his little nephew Sean whom he adored.

His friends back home have made a journal of all the good things he had done for them without me ever knowing any of the stories.

I talked to Davie a few days before this horrific crime, he was so happy and content and loved the Aus people and the people he lived with.

Words can never express what this has done to me as Davie’s mam.

My whole world had turned upside down at the thought of my beautiful Davie never coming home to me ever.

I was such a happy person, loved my job working with the children, but its like nothing matters any more.

I can’t go back to work with panic attacks.

I have to take anti-depressants, anxiety tabs and something to help me sleep.

I’m getting counselling everv Monday and acupuncture to help me with my anxiety.

When I wake in the morning my heart jumps when I realise its for real what’s been happening.

Davie’s gone and some other human being has done this to him.

I just can’t get my head around it.

Davie was brought up well, hadn’t a rough bone in his body, never sick and thought that everyone was kind like him.

I pray each day that Davie understands l couldn’t save him as a mother, it was out of my control.

I am so proud of you Davie and thank you so much for the wonderful 30 years you have given me as a son.

Love you so much Davie “this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you’. Love you forever Davie, don’t ever leave me.

‘Catherine’ .

Victim impact statement by David Greene’s father John

Davie, my son, my workmate and my friend.

I think of you every minute of the day and the special bond we had.

All the different jobs we worked on and the places we got to.

I’m sorry I took it all for granted.

You could see no badness in anyone and you were always trying to help people.

It makes me angry and sad when I think of the evil, cowardly way you were murdered while you lay unconscious.

I pray to you and my maker that the anger I feel sometimes doesn’t consume my life.

I feel guilty because I loaned you the money to go to Australia.

I cry when the neighbours tell me about the good deeds you done for them.

Cabinteely is not the same without you.

I thought having a broken heart was only a myth.

I can’t describe the pain, it’s like a sick emptiness.

I often think of your plan to come home to Ireland and surprise your mam, and pick up your little nephew Sean from school.

But you won’t be stepping on board that vision.

I miss ya ‘me auld son’. Da.