Man who drove taxi on forged papers fined €250 and banned for two years


A Dublin man who has never had a full driving licencehas been fined for fraudulently operating a taxi using forged documentation.

David Slight (49), Pinebrook Vale, Huntstown, was fined €250 and given a two-year road ban after he pleaded guilty at Dublin District Court to offences under the Road Traffic Act and the Theft and Fraud Act.

He admitted he did not have a driving licence or motor insurance and that he made a false declaration to an insurance company. He also admitted using counterfeit public service vehicle (PSV) discs on his car after he was caught picking up fares on Main Street, in Swords, north Dublin, on July 22nd, 2012.

Garda Paul Doona told the court he saw three people hailing a taxi driven by Slight. Garda Doona stopped the 01-registered car and spoke to him.

Inquires were carried out and the taxi regulator confirmed that Slight did not have a PSV licence. Garda Doona said it was also established that Slight “has never held a full driving licence in this country, the last licence he had was a provisional, in 1985.”

Slight had stated in his declaration to an insurance company that he had a full licence, the court also heard. Garda Doona had said that the vehicle’s insurance would not have covered him and it was not meant for a taxi.

The PSV discs were “seized, examined, and found to be counterfeit,” the court heard.

He had two prior convictions for driving while intoxicated.

Rory Staines, defending, told Judge Patrick Clyne that his client had personal and health problems at the time and had to pay his mortgage. Garda Doona also agreed with the defence that Slight has not been driving since he was caught.