Schoolboy (14) awarded €40,000 after accidental scalding by noodles at school

The boy suffered significant scalding injuries and has been left with four inch scar

A judge has approved a €40,000 damages settlement offer to a 14-year-old schoolboy who was accidentally scalded as staff at a Dublin school was preparing a noodles lunch for him.

Barrister Esther Earley told Judge John O'Connor in the Circuit Civil Court today that boiling water had poured onto the left upper thigh of Stefan Dascalu at St Michael's House special education school on Ballymun Road, Ballygal, Dublin 9.

Scalding injury

Ms Earley, who appeared with Keira O'Reilly of Keans Solicitors, said Stefan, of Grace Park Manor Upper, Drumcondra, Dublin, was 12 at the time, and had suffered a significant scalding injury that had been left with a four inch by three inch scar.

“He was very stressed and suffered significant pain when the boiling water fell onto highly sensitive skin on his left upper thigh,” Ms Earley told the court.


She said he had been brought to Temple Street Children’s Hospital where a nasty large blistering burn required treatment followed up by dressings every four days with regular reviews. He had been out of school for several weeks and it had taken six months for the injury to substantially heal.

Ms Earley told the court that in cold weather the scar changed colour and during summer his parents had to be vigilant about the application of sunblock. She said certain clothes caused discomfort through friction and irritation to the scar.

Judge O’Connor heard that the Injuries Board had initially assessed damages at €20,000 and although Ms Earley had negotiated this figure up to €30,000 she felt it was not enough to cover such a significant injury.

The judge said he agreed and allowed a brief adjournment for Ms Earley and Ms O’Reilly to make further inquiries with St Michael’s House legal representatives regarding a possible further increase. The court shortly afterwards approved an increased offer of €40,000 with Circuit Court costs.