Takes the biscuits: Outrage at Jaffa Cakes shrinkflation

Consumers express anger as a box of the treats shrinks from 12 biscuits to 10

A box of Jaffa Cakes has shrunk in size from 12 to 10 biscuits, sparking outrage from fans of the treat.

Some retailers also appear to be still selling the McVitie's brand for the same amounts as the old packs, despite the manufacturer dropping the recommended retail price (RRP) to reflect the smaller size.

Shoppers have taken to social media to express their anger, with Danyelle Douglas writing: “Twitter doesn’t give me enough characters to allow me to inform you of how upset I am! Where did 2 Jaffa cakes go? 12 down to 10?”

Craig Winter tweeted: “You only get 10 jaffa cakes in a pack now?! What is this world coming to?!”


A McVitie’s spokeswoman said: “As a company, we have taken the decision to adjust the pack size of our McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes products and where we’ve reduced cake count, the RRP has also been reduced proportionately. This applies to all the core grocery channels.

“Our single packs (changing from 12 to 10 cakes) have reduced from an RRP of £1.15 (€1.31) to an RRP of 99p, and our twin packs (changing from 24 to 20 cakes) have reduced from an RRP of £2.19 to an RRP of £1.89.

“These changes represent the same price per cake. However, pricing ultimately remains at the sole discretion of retailers.

“There is no change in the size, shape or weight of individual cakes in the McVitie’s Jaffa Cake range.”