Chronology of events in the White House scandal


June 1995: Ms Lewinsky begins work at the White House as an unpaid intern.

April 1996: Ms Lewinsky begins working at the Pentagon where she meets Ms Linda Tripp, who secretly taped telephone conversations in which Ms Lewinsky said she had an affair with Mr Clinton.

December 28th, 1997: The last time Ms Lewinsky reportedly visited the White House and one of the about three dozen times she visited after beginning her job at the Pentagon.

January 7th, 1998: Ms Lewinsky denies a sexual relationship with Mr Clinton in an affidavit for the Ms Paula Jones sexual harassment case.

January 12th: Ms Tripp turns over to prosecutors 20 hours of surreptitiously taped telephone conversations with Ms Lewinsky reportedly featuring talk of an affair with Mr Clinton.

January 16th: Attorney General, Ms Janet Reno, secretly grants independent counsel, Mr Kenneth Starr, authority to investigate the Lewinsky relationship.

January 17th: In a six-hour deposition for the Jones case, Mr Clinton denies that he had a sexual relationship with Ms Lewinsky. Internet gossip columnist, Matt Drudge, posts the Lewinsky sex allegations on the Internet.

January 21st: The Lewinsky allegations are published by major news media, including the Wash- ington Post. January 26th: Ms Lewinsky's lawyer submits to Mr Starr an outline of her testimony to the grand jury. Mr Clinton says at the White House that he never had sexual relations with Ms Lewinsky, and that he never told anyone to lie about it.

January 27th: Mr Clinton's secretary, Ms Betty Currie, testifies as first witness in Mr Starr's inquiry.

February 10th-11th: Ms Lewinsky's mother, Ms Marcia Lewis, testifies to grand jury.

March 5th: Ms Lewinsky's lawyer, Mr William Ginsburg, argues before a federal judge that Mr Starr's office had made and retracted an offer of immunity for Ms Lewinsky in return for her testimony.

March 10th: Former White House volunteer, Ms Kathleen Willey, testifies before grand jury.

March 15th: Ms Willey appears on national television and alleges Mr Clinton made a pass at her and groped her in a 1993 encounter at the White House.

April 1st: Federal Judge Susan Webber Wright dismisses Ms Jones's sexual harassment suit against Mr Clinton.

April 29th: News media disclose Federal Judge Norma Holloway Johnson's ruling that Ms Lewinsky had no agreement with Mr Starr that would give her immunity from prosecution.

May 15th: Appeals court rejects Ms Lewinsky claim that she had an immunity deal.

June 2nd: Ms Lewinsky fires Mr Ginsburg and hires veteran Washington lawyers, Mr Jacob Stein and Mr Plato Cacheris; talks resume with Mr Starr's prosecutors for immunity deal.

July 17th: Mr Starr's office issues subpoena for Mr Clinton's testimony. Three secret service agents testify before the grand jury, the first time such personnel have been forced to testify about their observations of a President's activities while guarding him.

July 23rd: President Clinton's top bodyguard, Mr Larry Cockell, testifies before the grand jury.

July 28th: Ms Lewinsky gets deal for broad immunity from prosecution in exchange for her full testimony, as does her mother.

July 29th: Mr Clinton agrees to testify voluntarily to grand jury on August 17th; Mr Starr's team withdraws subpoena.

July 31st: Ms Jones asks appeals court in St Louis to reinstate her sexual harassment case.

August 6th: Ms Lewinsky testifies to grand jury. Sources close to the case say she testified that she had sex with Mr Clinton and they discussed keeping the affair quiet but he never explicitly told her to lie about it.