Carlow firm insists it bought oil in Republic


The food recycling facility at the centre of the pigmeat recall said today that it had only ever purchased oil from "legitimate suppliers in the Republic".

The statement by Millstream Recycling this morning comes after reports that the investigation into the dioxins scare is looking at a business operation in Tyrone.

A report in today's Irish Timesindicates that used oil from electricity transformers originating in Northern Ireland is now thought to be the source of dioxin contamination of animal feed which has led to a food scare surrounding Irish pork and beef.

A Department of Agriculture/Food Safety Authority of Ireland press briefing in Dublin on Monday was told that "inappropriate" oil was used in a burner used in the heating process of waste food at Millstream Recycling in Co Carlow, which was used on 10 pig and 45 beef farms in the Republic.

The PSNI is involved with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Garda Síochána in an investigation into the source of the oil used at the plant where the contamination originated.

The Irish Timesunderstands they are looking at a business operation in Co Tyrone where it is believed waste oil from electricity transformers, which should have been stored or incinerated under licence, may be involved.

Members of the Garda's National Bureau of Criminal Investigation are also investigating the origins of the oil and confirmed they had spoken to a number of people from the Carlow plant. It is understood they have told the officers they bought the oil legally and believed it was of a quality required for the processing of the animal feed.
The gardaí involved in the investigation have indicated their inquiries have not formally become a criminal matter and they are closely liaising with the PSNI to compare the version of accounts given by those in the Carlow plant with the version given by the suppliers in the North.

In a statement from the plant issued today, the company at the centre of the food scare said: "Millstream Recycling wishes to state that the company has only ever purchased the oil from a legitimate supplier in the Republic of Ireland supplier."

Millstream added that it would be inappropriate to make any further comments on the matter while the investigation is ongoing.