ATGWU forbids O’Reilly to speak at summer school


The ATGWU has forbidden the union’s suspended Irish Secretary, Mr Mick O’Reilly, from speaking at the Desmond Greaves Summer School today, the school said.

The Summer School Committee said Mr O’Reilly had been told by his union leaders in Britain not to speak at the summer school which is being held this weekend at Irish Labour History Society Museum in Dublin.

It said Mr O’Reilly had received a solicitor's letter instructing him not to take part.

Expressing its regret at the decision, the Committee said Mr O’Reilly had agreed months ago to contribute - in a personal capacity - to contribute to a symposium this afternoon on the evolution of modern Irish republicanism from the hunger-strike to the Good Friday Agreement.

Mr O’Reilly had spoken at the Greaves Summer School before, the Committee said, and that it had always been understood he was doing so in his personal capacity and not officially on behalf of the ATGWU.