Arson attack at home of politician


The North’s Progressive Unionist Party has spoken out against “low-life drug-dealers” after one of its members was subjected to an arson attack at his family home.

PUP spokesman in Antrim Ken Wilkinson was alerted by neighbours early on Sunday morning after a blazing car was left adjacent to his house at Dunsilly Terrace in Antrim town. After the fire was put out by the emergency services, it transpired the boot had been packed with tyres and a gas cylinder. Mr Wilkinson says it is the third time his home has been targeted.

While he described the incident as “nothing short of attempted murder”, his party said it was an effort to intimidate the politician who has been outspoken on drugs. The PUP said it was an attempt to silence the councillor.

Belfast PUP councillor John Kyle added: “Drug-dealing destroys communities and the PUP has been forthright in condemning low-life dealers, right back from the days of [the late PUP leader] David Ervine.”

The PSNI has appealed for information on the incident.