10 laundries: Four orders


Sisters of Our Lady of Charity, St Mary’s Refuge, High Park, Grace Park Road, Drumcondra, Dublin.

Monastery of Our Lady of Charity, Seán MacDermott Street, (formerly Gloucester Street), Dublin.

Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Magdalen Asylum / Home, 47 Forster Street, Galway.

St Patrick’s Refuge, Crofton Road, Dún Laoghaire, Co Dublin.

Religious Sisters of Charity

St Mary Magdalen’s, Floraville Road, Donnybrook, Dublin.

St Vincent’s, St Mary’s Road, Peacock Lane, Cork.

Sisters of the Good Shepherd

St Mary’s, Cork Road, Waterford.

St Mary’s, New Ross, Wexford.

St Mary’s, Pennywell Road, Limerick.

St Mary’s, Sunday’s Well, Cork.