Ryan Tubridy rejects RTÉ’s claim he is out of contract as pay controversy deepens

Presenter insists 2020 deal still stands even though his employer says it has lapsed

Ryan Tubridy rejects RTÉ's claim he is out of contract as pay controversy deepens

Ryan Tubridy is in conflict with RTÉ over his contract, disputing the broadcaster’s claim that the arrangement came to an end when he stood down from The Late Late Show.

In a development that compounds controversy over the star presenter’s payment, Mr Tubridy has dismissed RTÉ's assertion that he is out of contract.

An authoritative source close to Mr Tubridy, who is off the air this week because of the ructions over his hidden pay, said the star presenter has challenged RTÉ's argument. In addition, Mr Tubridy is understood to be taking legal advice on the status of the contract settled in 2020.

The source said Mr Tubridy “does not accept” the contract has been terminated. “There is precedent for contracts of this nature that they are amended to reflect the fact the TV element of the contract is coming to an end – and that a value is assigned to TV and to radio and that a new figure is agreed going forward,” the source said.


News of the conflict emerged after a spokesman for RTÉ's board said the 2020 contract had lapsed.

“Ryan Tubridy stood down from the Late Late in May,” the spokesman said.

“RTÉ has written to his agent that the contract (including all arrangements therein) has come to an end. Negotiations had commenced regarding his radio responsibilities. Those negotiations have been paused as with all negotiations, as per board statement.”

The spokesman was responding to questions about Grant Thornton’s report on Mr Tubridy’s pay, which said RTÉ was still obliged to pay €75,000 per year to the presenter until the five-year contract ends in 2025.

Although Mr Tubridy insists his contract stands, he will not require payment of the €75,000 he says is due in the next two years. “The €75,000 per annum will not be pursued for the two years remaining in the contract,” said the source.

Arthur Beesley

Arthur Beesley

Arthur Beesley is Current Affairs Editor of The Irish Times