What’s hot and what’s not this week

There are plenty treats in Dublin, but a croissant shortage in France


'Bloodlight and Bami': Brilliantly avant-garde documentary on Grace Jones, and an Irish co-production to boot

RTÉ Six One: Sad that Dobbo is gone, but Keelin Shanley and Caitriona Perry are great appointments

Stationary havens: Paper Mint in Dalkey is floating our (paper) boat


Hello Kitty x Asos: A sequins-laden kawaii collection

Anthony Bourdain: Going up in our estimations as he continues to speak out against sexual assault and misogyny

Treatyard: Dublin's Eatyard hands itself over to treats and Baileys November 10th-12th

Libeeration: An American brewery has made a beer designed for women experiencing menopausal symptoms


The other Toy Show: TV3's attempt at emulating what The Late Late Show does best isn't happening this year

Pop stars keeping their look: Sam Smith and Plan B's weight loss make them nearly unrecognisable

Boozy baubles: Gin-filled Christmas decorations? All fun and games until you're crying under the tree

Food prices: Rising year on year thanks to global inflation

Fur: Gucci is going fur-free from 2018

Croissants: A butter shortage in France is hitting pastries

Shops with identity crises: Being eclectic is fun, but you also need to know what you are