What’s making you happy this week?

#IrishTimesHappy: you told us the things, big and small, that are putting smiles on your faces

What’s making me happy? “When the kids get on.”

It's Friday but what else is making you happy? Tell us by emailing happy@irishtimes.com or using #IrishTimesHappy on Twitter. This week's answers are below:

Lying here with my 12-week-old baby boy who’s asleep while all the big kids have gone to school. I should be tidying but . . . – @carcollins

Watching red squirrels stealing my walnuts – Vincent

Making me happy: “The drawings my kids did before school.”

Halloween scary chalk drawings my kids did before school this morning – @livdurnin


The contented look on my terrier Nelly’s face when she is getting her head stroked – Seán

When the kids get on – @UkiyoBar

The possibility of Eir restoring my internet connection after #StormOphelia. Because I believe in hope – @bibibaskin

I know there’s such a long way to go yet, but I’m happy about the huge positive steps I’ve seen towards women’s equality – @MirrorImagez

A sunbathing, meditating pile of lemurs at Dublin Zoo – Vanessa

Just opened the (official) invite to my eldest daughter’s wedding in Dec (we both cried) – @NursepollyRgn

Just collected a very generous donation for @HomelessPeriodD from the 5th-year students at St Mary’s, Glasnevin – @ClaireH