Meet the man who bans children from his Tipperary cafe

The Old Barracks coffee roastery in Tipperary is an over-18s venue (for good reasons)

A cafe that bans children? I had mixed feelings when I heard about this new development on the Limerick-Tipperary border. Unlike one of my colleagues who heard about a child-free coffee space and said with – if you ask me – a bit too much enthusiasm: “It sounds fantastic. I want to go there immediately. I bet it’s always packed.”

I decided to phone the, I can only assume, monster who runs the cafe in Birdhill, Co Tipperary – one of Ireland's tidiest villages – to see what it was all about.

Dubliner Alan Andrews is the man behind the Old Barracks Coffee Roasters, which he tells me has marvellous views of lower Lough Derg and Mount Moylussa.

As well as being a child-free zone, the 300-year-old building is a key player in the coffee revolution that is creeping through Ireland. If you are the kind of person who likes instant coffee (what is wrong with you?), you’ll be feeling a little sidelined in this new Ireland where a cup of instant is about as acceptable in polite Irish society as Easi Singles or crack cocaine.


The Old Barracks is a coffee roastery, Andrews is keen to point out. You can see “live” coffee roastings if you’re into that, do coffee tastings and avail of noise-cancelling earphones if you are craving solitude. There’s mindfulness classes and yoga and pilates on site too. (Of course there is.)

Among the customers, he says, are gleeful parents delighted with the chance for a break and a cast-iron excuse not to bring the kids

After 10 years of building up his coffee training and education business, Coffee Culture, he decided to build a roastery with a cafe attached. He had spent years travelling the world learning everything it’s possible to know about coffee and had a vision of a place where he immerses customers in an authentic coffee adventure.

I'm happy to report the man who banned children from his coffee shop seems quite normal. I nearly fell off my chair when he told me that not only is he not a child-hating ogre, he has two children himself, Sirin (15) and Calum (13). And apparently banning kids from the cafe was partly their idea.

When the café was first mooted, Sirin said in her best Kevin the Teenager voice: "Dad, we're not going to have to go there and watch you do coffee stuff are we?"

So part of the reason for making it an over 18s venue – there’s a sign on the door – is so that they don’t have to hang around there. Clever, Sirin.

But there are other reasons why you won’t find children wandering around the Old Barracks. One is a health and safety issue.

“The roastery is basically 1,000 kilos of cast iron, like an open pizza oven, kids have no interest in it because it’s a big hot machine, adults are only going to tell them don’t touch and stand back,” he says.

“Children can come in with their parents to order coffee for take-out and loads do, there’s a playground nearby and a community garden so they go there or sit in their cars.”

Have there been complaints? “Some,” he says. “But most people understand and appreciate the idea of a relaxing, adult-only space that isn’t their home or their workplace and isn’t the pub.”

And this is really at the heart of what he's trying to do. Andrews is a fan of the "third place" philosophy, the idea that after home and work we need another space to go to, which in Ireland has traditionally been the pub. He's trying to create an alternative alcohol-free venue where adults can take time out, relax, learn about coffee and get some head space. And ever since talking to him, I've been plotting a trip to Birdhill.

I’m not the only one. Among the customers, he says, are gleeful parents delighted with the chance for a break and a cast-iron excuse not to bring the kids.

Meanwhile his own children are still supportive of the idea. “Sometimes I try to get them to come down here for an hour, but they say no, sorry dad, we’re not allowed. We’ll stay here with the Xbox.”

See? Very clever kids.

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