66: Skoda Kodiaq – Big seven-seater has a lot going for it

Top 100 cars for 2020: One over-riding question remains: why charge extra for the third row of seats?


Skoda’s big seven seater has a lot going for it - bluffly handsome lines, a spectacularly roomy interior, great quality, and a generally impressive dynamic performance. What holds it back is its price tag - it’s not that it’s staggeringly expensive or anything, but being asked to pay an extra €1,000 on top for the third row of seats just grinds our gears, especially from a brand built on a reputation for practicality and value.

Once again, a seven-seat SUV is shown up for poor value compared to the Peugeot 5008, which offers three-row seating as standard. Still, if you can get past that, it’s not hard to see the rugged appeal of the Kodiaq.

Standard models are nice, while the Scout and Sportline versions do give you a few options for how you‘d like your lifestyle ambitions to be projected. The 240hp RS version costs silly money, but is in fairness silly good fun to drive, with more driver involvement than some so-called performance cars.

Best model: 2.0 TDI 150hp 7 Seat Style for €44,345

Price range: €32,495 to €63,295 Finance from €299 per month.

Co2 emissions: 140 to 217g/km

Sum up: Big and useful, but a touch pricey.

* A note on Co2 figures: For almost all the cars in the Top 100, we’ve quoted the stricter WLTP figures for Co2 emissions. A few are still quoted on their older NEDC2 figure, and that’s the number they’ll be taxed on. If you’re confused at all, just consult your local dealer for specific data for the make and model in which you’re interested.