My First Car


Dress designer Cuan Hanly recalls his first set of wheels

What was your first car?

A Saab

Why did you buy it?

I always fancied a Swede

New or second-hand?

Second-hand, very second-hand.

Did you know how to drive when you bought it?

Yes, I knew how to drive - taught on my father's lap on Dollymount Strand.

What did you know about cars when you bought it?

A lot - it was a very heavily researched project. There was one particular colour I was looking for.

What advice did you get when you were looking for a car?

Don't buy the first car you see and, of course, I did!

What did you pay for it?

£400 sterling.

What impact did running a car have on your pocket?

Not much. They are pretty inexpensive cars to run.

Was it hard to get insurance?


How reliable was it?

Very - it started every time . . . I think that's the phrase.

How did it change your life?

Well, getting around London in a car is one step up from crawling, so it did change my life but not necessarily in the speed department.

What was the longest trip you ever took in the car?

Nottingham to Dingle and up to Westport - then back to Dublin and then back to Nottingham.

What was your best memory in the car?

It's back to the Swede thing again.

Your worst memory?

The gear stick broke off in my hand in the middle of the Peak District - not a Swede thing this time. God bless the AA.

How long did you keep the car?

About three or four years.

Why did you decide to get rid of it for another?

I was very sad to see it go, but I sold it to a friend so I could see it every so often. I replaced it with a newer Saab.

Did you sell it on for a better deal?

Yes, but don't tell my friend!