9 Mazda 6: A facelift so subtle you won’t notice it

Tactility and responsiveness make it a joy to behold

The Mazda 6 has had a facelift, again

The Mazda 6 has had a facelift, again


Mazda keeps face-lifting the 6, and has done so again in the past couple of weeks, and we keep wondering exactly what has changed. It got some new radiator grille slats once. And an updated infotainment screen, we think. They keep tinkering, but we keep barely noticing.

The good news is that the 6 is so good that the lack of noticeable change doesn’t really matter. When a car is this handsome to begin with, why would you change it much?

There’s little wrong with the reliability nor the build quality so don’t bother fixing that. And in a world of increasingly uninvolving-to-drive cars, the 6’s tactility and responsiveness are a joy to behold. The 2.2 diesel can be on the thirsty side at times though, and it’s certainly not cheap.

A gorgeous estate version makes mincemeat of most SUVs when it comes to practicality.

Latest round of improvements (we did notice, honest) includes a torque-sensing system to sharpen up the handling and greater engine refinement.

Price range: €29,295 to €38,845

C02 emissions: 107 to 129g/km

Which one? 2.2 150hp diesel is the best engine and Platinum trim gives you all the toys.

PCP from €318 a month