83: BMW 7 Series – Smart tech wizardry on offer for a premium price

Top cars for 2018: Luxury liner that’s nice to drive but its arch-rival from Mercedes still has the lead


The 7 Series has for so long been the go-to car in the big limo segment for those owners who are also keen drivers, that the current model came as something of a shock. For years, the big 7 had prioritised classically BMW-style driver engagement ahead of refinement and comfort, but the new one does the exact opposite.

In fact, look in the options menu and there’s even a ‘Comfort Plus’ setting for the suspension, which does as good an impression of a Citroen CX as you can imagine. There is, of course, also a Sport setting which does bring back a degree of that old-style 7 Series involvement, but this is a car trying to play the Mercedes S-Class at its own game.

Sadly, in spite of great comfort, excellent diesel engines, and exceptional quality, it can’t get its stentorian nose in front of the Merc’s. V12 M-sport version is amazing, though, and the plugin 740e is ideal for the environmentally sensitive plutocrat about town.

Best model:740Ld

Prices start from: €96,330

Finance package from: €444

Co2 emissions: 49-294g/km

Sum-up: Amazing comfort, quality, and refinement, and you can make it more fun to drive with the electronics, but it’s not as good as an S-Class