87: Jeep Renegade – Oddball looks are not for everyone

Top cars for 2018: Cheap plastics and 1980s styling but an impressive mud plugger


Not everyone likes the styling of the little Jeep Renegade. In fact, some have described it in unfavourable terms compared to the oddball denizens of deep ocean trenches, visited only by David Attenborough and passing submarines.

That seems a little harsh, and we rather appreciate the smallest Jeep’s upright styling, with its obvious overtones of its illustrious 1941 progenitor. Inside, it’s reasonably roomy, albeit rather dark and with a lot of cheap plastic on display.

And the 350-litre boot is only barely adequate if you have a growing family. But, it’s engaging to drive, well enough built to pass muster, and if you go for the (expensive) Trailhawk version you have one of the rare small SUVs that can seriously mix it with proper, big 4x4s when the going gets muddy and mucky.

Best model: 1.4 T Longitude

Prices start from: €22,950

Finance package from: POA

Co2 emissions: 115-151g/km

Sum-up: There’s a surprisingly no-nonsense off-roader lurking beneath the trendy small 4x4 skin